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Volunteer Kenya Safari

                                                                                  Quick Contacts

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What’s Included in Volunteer Fees

Airport Pick-up and Drop off: On Arrival in Nairobi and Departure:

Volunteer Placement Orientation: Including important pre-departure and what to expect while on the ground.

Administration-Placement arrangement: Our project coordinator will provide 24 hrs Assistance and support during the placement.

Volunteer Accommodations and Meals: Carefully selected host family and delicious safe foods.

Transportation to the project site: Transportion to the placement location by shared bus/shuttle.

Certificate of Participation : You will be provided with a certificate showing your participation with us.

Post Volunteer Placement Farewell will be organized at the resource center

Volunteer Programs

Our Volunteer Teaching program targets rural primary schools in Kenya attended by orphaned and needy children who are most vulnerable in the villages of Western Kenya. It is an initiative by Volunteer students abroad on a trip to Kenya, local  volunteer students and social workers, that through their volunteer program aid, they will to the learning conditions of the Kenya community based Primary public Schools.

Volunteer Teachers and Teaching Aid -
These volunteers get an opportunity  to volunteer in independent  teaching  in local schools or help local teachers during normal learning sessions in the classrooms, attended by the underprivileged children.

-Most of these schools are found either,in the slums or in the rural areas.
-The schools are under staffed  with less teachers who need support from either local volunteers from Kenya or volunteers from abroad.

Prior to teaching Volunteer placement, volunteer  teachers are provided with basic orientations on the Kenya community volunteer modules for schools which elaborates on the Kenya syllabuses for primary schools.

Share Your Life Skills:
Volunteer teachers get a great chance of sharing their experiences, ideas, knowledge and values of life with pupils, youths and adults.  
Numerous cases of drug abuse and addiction which begin at youthful stage comes as a result of idleness, lack of listening and understanding the major needs and interest of young people, are dealt with.
-Most abused drugs in the rural that easily penetrate into primary schools include cocaine, cobblers glue, marijuana or khart.
Volunteer social workers, students and teachers on trip to Kenya have helped the children in the villages to understand themselves and their peers during the times of challenges in their lives, especially on overcoming peer pressure and solving domestic family depressions.

Sanitary Towel Program: Girl Child Support:

 A big percentage of girls in rural Kenya schools experience a lot of problems that relate to their emotional and physical challenges during adolescence stage.Their psychological torture begins at the time that they start experiencing their monthly menstrual cycles.
This leads to school drop out or poor performance because they lack protective sanitary towels to use, leading to high illiteracy percentage on their side. This limits their chances of actively participating in development issues in the community.
Volunteer Age Requirement:
Any adult of both sexes 19 years old and above
Volunteer Commitment Period:
We request our volunteers to commit to a minimum of 2 months and preferably 4 months to help realize skills and new ideas in a selected field of volunteer work.
We endeavour to use your project contribution only for the project which you choose to work on in Kenya. We request you be part of the decision-making process and to help plan how the money you have raised will be used and what it will achieve. This will allow you to gain first hand experience of fundraising and budgeting and also increase your knowledge of project management.

In our volunteer work mission, we consider The Health care project as very fundamental in our village based programs and outreaches. Out of the world health reports, 24.1% of the cases are registered in Africa with access to very few health workers. Most communities in Africa still depend on either witch doctors or traditional herbalists, who are not trained and don’t provide reliable prescriptions when dispensing remedies.
We have scarce qualified doctors and people in the rural areas dont get access to them. The average availability of the qualified doctors stands at 2 doctors for 10,000 people. This means that the poor and the rural with poor infrastructure, lack of water, electricity, proper waste disposal facilities and other social amenities like clinics or health centers are so much vulnerable.

We major in Bondo district of Nyanza province (Western Kenya), with an area of 1,972 square kilometres, inhabited by a total population of over 248,000. The district boarders the lake and therefore has several beaches and islands where people have converged from different communities for commercial activities. This has increased high rate of disease spread due to congestion and commercial sex activities on the islands and beaches especially the HIV/AIDS and other opportunistic diseases. The HIV/AIDS prevalence rate is 29.4% as reported by NASCOP a few years ago.
Apart from the deadly Hiv and Aids, the most prevalent diseases within the district are malaria, diarrhea and respiratory diseases. Sometimes many people die due to inaccessibility to proper medication or non at all as the ratio of the doctors to patients is 1:120,000.
Our survey absolutely confirms that many people just survive by the will of angel of destiny who gives life to mortal human beings and not by any fact that medication programs outreach the rural communities.

Proper government health facility where you may or may not find a doctor is several kilometers away from so many people in need and poor communication network makes accessibility impossible. These health facilities are mostly at the district headquarters where small towns are developing.
Need for Community Health Care
We lead a stead fast role to investigate and re-establish proper conditions that guarantee a standard community health.
Home Based Care:
The program aims at providing an opportunity for those who are sick at home to feel social existence around them as they receive hospitality, medical attention and appreciation. The vulnerable, especially the old, get a chance to air their views and feel important in participating to develop the community. Medical camp and E.N.T : host voluntary medical camp periodically. To treat illnesses related to ENT i.e. ear, nose and throat and eye.
Early childhood vaccination program (ECVP):

Take statistics and data on births (live and dead births) to follow the correct medical attention in a child’s life. Many mothers deliver at home which encourage transmission of HIV virus from mother to child, hence HIV/AIDS, alongside increase in infant mortality rate. We provide information and any necessary medical attention.
Pre-natal and post-natal care initiatives:
Where expectant and breast-feeding mothers find medical attention and solution to personal capacity building. We aim at setting up clinic and healthcare programs to outreach the rural people in their village homes.

Prevention from mother to child transmission PMTCT:
Give information to expecting mothers just before delivery through support centre on measures to take when a child is soon coming (ready for delivery)
-To provide a first-hand medication intervention for the people in the rural Kenya and establish community based health facilities within the villages as we outreach other people through mobile clinic systems.

-To improve the sustainability of the community’s health capacity by mobilizing health workers, nurses, doctors and interns – home and abroad to create partnership under voluntary/charity programs to provide health care for the villages where we will train community health workers health care issues as well.

-To curb infant mortality rate by discouraging home delivery under the untrained midwives, but provide hospital delivery medical services that promotes the Prevention from Mother to Child transmissions (PMTCT) program to discourage the spread of HIV/AIDS from mothers o children.
The needs to help achieve these goals:
1. Donation of drugs and or financial resources to buy them plus other treatment related equipment / aids (first aid kits, clinic facilities etc).
2. Mobile systems for movement like bicycles for the community health workers (CHW), motorbikes for the field work officers and a community ambulance for the patients that would need referrals.
3. Funds for building more health facilities e.g wards, sickbays
Our Humble Appeal
We invite the various civil society organizations (CSOs), charity organization (for doctors, nurses, interns, institutions, government etc), church missions (faith based organizations) FBOs, NGOs, individual or organizations and donors to join us, pull together and help us achieve these goals.

Tailoring and Dressmaking

We empower the community stakeholders economically through self-sustainable initiatives for income generating activities to improve their living standards.
Empowerment workshops are organized at the community resource center where tailoring and dress making classes are conducted on voluntary basis.
Poultry Keeping
At our rural resource center, we keep both layers and broilers (chicken), which provide eggs as source of proteins to the children and the sick on our home based care program (HBC).
-When the eggs are harvested, the surplus are sold out to cater for other financial needs within the resource center which include:
-Purchase of stationery: Buying books and pencils, and  clothes, shoes for the children
-Pay a watchman and run other small daily errands
-Chicken droppings provide good farm yard manure (FYM) important for improving soil structure on our agricultural land. This helps us save on fertilizer purchase.
Agri - Business
We sensitize the community on business-oriented agricultural activities, i.e, crops are grown for consumption as well as commercial purposes.

Goat keeping (Dairy goat)
-Goat milk is more nutritious and can be used to prepare milk tea at the center for orphans. The rest of the milk is ferried to the depot and funds collected on monthly basis to support more financial needs which include:

• Treating the goats

• Servicing them

• Providing food additives

• Paying the care taker /veterinary officer

• Mechanized commercial agriculture

Arts/Modern weaving
Arts: Village Curio shop, basketry and weaving
Village women establish modern weaving workshop for basketry and other African gift pack products for a village-based curio shop to earn a living. This is their self-sustainable entrepreneurial programs


HIV/ AIDS and ORPHANS - Support program

The vulnerable children suffer the cruel burden of taking care of themselves and their parents who are almost or have already succumbed to Hiv/Aids scourge. They are hopeless as poverty takes advantage over them. Most of them don't go to school because of hunger and lack of school fees and learning facilities.

They suffer the strong sun during day time as they try to feed themselves and leaking roof accompanied with the biting cold of winter at night. These conditions open doors for most tropical illnesses like pneumonia and other air-born and water born diseases like tuberculosis and typhoid respectively, which kill most of the Hiv/Aids victims here in these villages.

It has been a custom that most of the time we contend with the dangerous conditions of the deadly malaria outbreak due to mosquito bites especially in the wet seasons. This is so disastrous that at one time infant mortality rate went so high as most women give birth at home without the help of medical specialists.

We try the much we can within our limited resources to provide Day Child Care programs which include the provision of the basic needs like food, education and accommodation.

It is our appeal to well wishers: organizations, governments agencies etc. and volunteers who are touched in their hearts to help us change the situation here for a better future, otherwise there is no future for the children and these communities

Get a chance for volunteer work in Kenya with street children, whose number is on the increase because of poverty and hunger, which in most cases lead to family strife, the major blow is felt by children. The most challenging stage in a child’s life is when he/she starts taking the responsibilities of adults while he/she is still under-age. These come in cases when children become heads of their homes when parents succumb to HIV/AIDS. Life becomes so difficult that children walk away from home and lead a street life.

Then eventually they turn to any easy to find addictive drug and learn bad cultures from each other. They turn into pick pockets, thieves, hooligans and very unruly – offensive and provocative.

We have child care programs categorized on the specific needs of the children.

Category 1: Orphans and the vulnerable children Volunteer Work:
These are mainly HIV/AIDS infected and, or affected children. They need basic childcare that relate to food security, education, shelter and social security. Some are total orphans while others are partially orphaned. There are also children who lack general moral support for their social development.

They are stigmatized under privileged and retarded in growth due to malnutrition (total starvation) cases. These are the vulnerable children. They may be having parents with disability (mentally or physically challenged) or illiterate/ignorant parents.

Children in most cases are abused through child labour, sexual harassment, beating or mentally tortured during family conflicts. Most children carry out responsibilities of adults and some become heads of homes.

Category 2: Street children (chokoraa) Volunteer Work:
They are runaway children who survive in the streets of small towns and cities. They think of finding comfort while staying on their own which turn to be totally opposite, brutal, unwelcoming and total starvation rules.

Mostly children run to street homes from the unbeatable responsibility or abuse they find at home.Some are misguided by peer pressure and once oriented in streets, become stubborn, drop out of school and avoid home.


(i) Early childhood development/ education:

involve normal literal classes and child counseling process.

(ii) Home visits (capacity building)
out reach guardians and parents of children at home to discuss the life of a properly growing child under normal provision of child right. Children visit each other for tolerance and appreciation.

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Up-coming Projects


The Old Age Support

Availability:  Year Round
According tour Traditional African heritage, old people lived with their adult children or close relatives, however, because of the Aids scourge, many men and women from this generation have died leaving no one to care for their aging parents. Other people need help if they become homeless. They often need advice and access to services to stop them from going back onto the street. Some of these people have mental health problems that mean they need extra support.
Program Description: 

Volunteers are needed to support and take care of old people in the care homes. Volunteers would work along local staff in the care homes to provide, personal care, feeding, taking care of medicines, physical activity, personal hygiene and simply spending quality time with them to cheer them up and bring a smile to their face.
Your Role in the Program.
In this type of project, our volunteers would be working 5 days a week for 4-5 hours spending time in the homes while taking care of the aged. Volunteers would be working along local staff to help in food preparation, giving timely medicines, spending time with them, and carrying out general cleanliness including washing utensils, room cleaning and compound tidiness.
Skills and Educational Requirements.
This project is open and there is no educational requirement for it, any volunteer willing to lend a hand and with a heart to help is highly welcome! We however advise the volunteers to be free and flexible, to be patient, committed and willing to learn.
Qualifications required: No experience required
Included in Program Fee
   • 3 Meals per day
   • Fullboard Accommodation
   • Airport Pickup/Dropoff
   • Transfer to Project Location
   • Project orientation
   •Local sim Card for your Cell Phone
   • 24/7country coordination
Not Included in Program Fee
   • Airfare
   • Visa Fee
   • Vaccinations
   • Internet
   • Making phone Calls


Volunteer construction

Volunteer construction is a project that is meant up-grade an existing school or orphanage structure or constructing a complete building within the institution. The volunteers will be requested to assist in any area of construction that they would be familiar with or help in running a few errands.
Volunteers do not need to have any skills or knowledge about construction, as they will mainly be doing unskilled work such as digging, mixing sand and cement, carrying rocks, sand and bricks, fetching water, and painting. They will be led by skilled Kenyans and work together with local community.
Volunteers who wish to stay for longer periods may participate in our other volunteer programs, e.g. teaching in schools, community education and environmental awareness program, working in orphanages.
REQUIRED SKILLS: willingness to learn and participate in construction tasks.
Included in Program Fee
   • 3 Meals per day
   • Fullboard Accommodation
   • Airport Pickup/Dropoff
   • Transfer to Project Location
   • Project orientation
   •Local sim Card for your Cell Phone
   • 24/7country coordination

Age Range: 18 or above
For placement at our Construction project

Special Safaris

3 days Masai Mara Safari:

Price from:usd 340 per person
A unique adventure of its kind to the lands of the Masai tribe. You will get the opportunity to view abundant wild game within a very short time.
The advantage with Masai Mara is its small size and the high number of wild life, so the drivers dont have to go for a long distance to look for animals. The accommodation is comfortable in two-man tents....Read More


4 days Masai Mara & Lake Nakuru Tour

Price from:usd 500 per person

This is a perfect combination of one of the best great rift valley lakes, Nakuru and the leading animal herb in kenya, masai Mara.  While lake Nakuru gives you the best chance for bird watchers, a game-drive in Masai Mara will enable you to see the big five animals including the african bufallows, rhinos, elephants, lions, cheetahs and leopards.... Read More



 6 days Kenya cultural safari:

  Price from:usd 1000 per person

This cultural trip of Kenya's hidden treasures gets well off the usual tourist routes. You will embark on guided walks to unique destinations, and absorb the cultures and ways of life of a number of local people.  Try staying up late at night or waking up at dawn time to chance encountering wizzards in the village... Read More



“Thumbs Up!! Adventure Panorama Safaris”
Reviewed November 7, 2011
I am through with my honeymoon trip, which i organised with Panorama Safaris , in Kenya. Well, the trip was abit costly but all the same it was worth it!! I got to enjoy every bit of it. Many animals, alot of food, good guide and a honest consultants.

Prior to my trip to Masai Mara, pour accommodation was in Olive Garden hotel, very clean, quite, comfortable and listening staff.

I really liked it...and appreciate it alot.

Highly Recommended Adventure Panorama Safari
Oct 23, 2011

We got a chance to participate ina 6 days trip to Masai Mara, Nakuru lake and Naivasha lake. We had booked 3 of us and we were joined to other travellers form other countries plus 1 kenyan resident, althought they were doing 5o days lake nakuru and masai mara only, our program blended in so well...and it was a great trip!!! We were referred to Panorama Safaris by our workmates who had a fantastic time with them when they were doing 16 days best of Kenya and Tanzania trip.

We received very detailed explanation and attention with good care throughout our vacation.

We started on 21 August 2011 and finished 27th August. We had a 1 guide, who was the driver at the same time.

Panorama Safaris should take good care of driver Maurice, he is of great value to this company. He is very patient and accommodative, quite skillful!! he knows the best time and good places to look for animals in the parks.

We love the cuisisine too plus nakuru chester hotel, lake naivasha taphe hotel!!

Just as we were recommended to this company, we will obviously recommend Adventure panorama kenya safari to others,


Boracay, Phillipines.

Safari Program: 5 Days Lake Nakuru/Masai Mara Budget Safaris
From: Erdrich and Family
Date: 03/07/2009 - 7/07/2009

Hi Mr. Nickson of Panorama Safaris ....We are finally at home after a considerably long adventure in Kenya. Both me and the children are safe except the little boy, Tommy, had a mall problem I think from the mango fruit he ate in Nairobi before the departure for safari. Once again we are really thankful from the bottom of our hearts for the fantastic adventure you and your staff gave us. Jackson is a real talented driver guide and i advised him to have more guide books for detailed reference although he knew quite alot still.
The group you joined us with was also quite good and we ended up making alot of decisions together with the help of Jackson the driver/guide. We were able to take very nice photos and of very many animals because of the unlimited stop overs both on the way and in the park we we really appreciated. We will come next year as promised with my friends and we look forward to getting the same, infact even better services.
Keep up the good job and we would definitely recommend your agency to other people.



Safari Program: 3 Days Lake Manyara/Ngorongoro Crater Budget Safaris
From: Tuomas Santakallio
Date: 09/07/2009 - 11/07/2009

An awesome experience!!!!!!
We arrived assumably just in time for the migration, as the crater was packed with game. The weather was wonderful as well, sunshine throughout, even though we had been warned about rains.
Our guide was filled with ideas, and he didn't fail to surprise us, even though it wasn't our first time visiting this destination. Oh yes, food was great.
Whatever you've seen in television, it doesn't remotely compare with an actual experience of visiting this legendary spot. Highly recommended!

Safari Program: 4 Days Masai Mara Camping Safari
From: Catie Nixon
Date: 09/06/2009 - 12/06/2009

Thank you very much for finding a group for me during my holidays in kenya. I wanted to let you know that i am back at home and with my friends and family as usual though am ahead of them coz I got alot of experience with your adventurous company. The driver guide we were given was quite skilled and resourceful despite the rush we had in the morning trying to catch up with lunch in Masai Mara. The campsite was ewesome and the foods were nice. We were given a warm welcome at the airport by your staff who had come to receive us. We were given unlimited stopovers to take photos and enjoy ourselves.
I will come back again.

Safari Program: Masai Mara Balloon Safari
From: Nade Rowlings
Date: 07/13/2009

This is to the team of Adventure Panorama Saafaris, you are great people and I really thank you for your professionalism!! You made me get the real taste of Africa and my wildest dreams have come true....I will definitely tell my buddies...

Safari Program: Kenya Tanzania Budget Safari

From: Christina Bell and Robinson

Date: 07/16/2009 - 07/23/2009

Its our pleasure to pass on our sincere congratulations to our safari driver guide,Danson, for his great and

really wonderful epert driving in shocking conditions. We had full confidence in his driving although the roads were wet and boggy. thanks to his skills and experince that made us see and discover lots of adventure.

The reception we got at the airport was excellent and the rest of the staff were really eager to help us.

I reccommend.

Safari Program: 3 Days Ngorongoro Crater Lodge safari

From: Nelly Su

Date: 08/03/2009 - 08/05/2009

I was alittle afraid before this trip but now i will tell all my friends in USA and Canada about my Africa - Kenya safari trip is so nice. I know they want to build on that report. Now I am so exciting to tell my friends and the whole world that my trip which i call "the best of what happened to me". And thank you very,very much my driver and guide for this very good job of showing me alot of adventures. I cannot find enough words to say in this safari. It was the very best and price cheap!

Regards to you all.

Safari Program: 3 Days Masai Mara budget safari

From: Ebele Enele

Date: 08/05/2009 - 08/07/2009

Safari was ewesome with excellent reception and the willingness of tourguides and the safari company staff to help at every little point. You met our expectations and made us feel really special. We were very happy with th safaris services. Thank you. We saw lots of stuff with the help of your great guide.

definite recommendation,

Keep it up

Safari Program: Samburu budget camping safari

From: Hellen Bently

Date: 08/08/2009 - 08/10/2009

The only thing you were supporsed to tell us in advance that the condition of the road was not proper. Otherwise the safari was brilliant with views of beautiful animals and cute people. I wish we could stay longer to see more animals and culture. i like the villages and the evening optional walks. We stayed at nice and quiet campsite.

I will be back again.

Safari Program: 4 Days Masai mara Lodge safari and budget vacation

From: Edd

Date: 08/07/2009 - 08/11/2009

People at the campsite and the lodge were all very helpful. The driver was completely brilliant and resourceful...and funny...always dancing at the steering!!!. The safari food was quite tasty and the meal times and the gamedrive were carefully observed.

Thumbs up.



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