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Shuttle Services


The shuttle buses are air-conditioned, 25 seat coaster buses that travel from Central Nairobi to Arusha town and then off to Moshi Town which is nestled against Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Departure Time Arrival TimePrice in (US$) Price in (US$) Days
 Nariobi 08.00hrs  Arusha 13.00hrs  25  Daily
 Nariobi 08.00hrs  Moshi 17.30hrs  30  Daily
 Nairobi 14.00hrs  Arusha 18.30hrs  25  Daily
 Arusha 08.00hrs  Nairobi 13.30hrs  25  Daily
 Arusha 14.00hrs  Nairobi 18.30hrs  25  Daily
 Arusha 13.30hrs  Moshi 15.30hrs  15  Daily
 Moshi 11.00hrs  Arusha 13.30hrs  15  Daily
Moshi 11.00hrs Nairobi 18.30hrs 30

-Private Transfers Nairobi to Namanga Border Arusha is usd 350.

-You will be picked 15 to 20 minutes before the departure time.

-Pick up and drop off points in Nairobi are within town hotels and at the airport.
-Pick up and Drop off points in Arusha are within town hotels and Mezaruna Hotel.
-Pick up and drop off points in Moshi are within Moshi town hotels like Zara springlands hotel, Buffalo, Keys hotel, Mountain view, Zebra Hotel, YMCA


Important points to Note while shuttling between Kenya and Tanzania:
Advance Visas are available from Tanzanian Embassies or they can be obtained on arrival at border posts or airports. There is a departure tax for Tanzania if you leave by air but this should be included in the price of your ticket.

-Its expensive to fly into Kilimanjaro airport especially in high season. So its better to fly into Nairobi airport and organize for a transfer by the shuttle bus via Namanga border post.

-At Nairobi airport purchase a transit visa this costs US$20 and will last between five and seven days. All visas obtained on arrival in Kenya and Tanzania must be paid in US Dollars and in cash. Have the correct amount ready. The Tanzania holiday visa costs vary according to nationality.

~The shuttle buses from Nairobi can be taken either from the city centre (Parkside hotel) or from the airport. Kindly refer to the table above for departure schedule. If you have a late arrival then an overnight in Nairobi will be necessary.
It is best to overnight at the Parkside Hotel (30US$ single and double 50US$ B/B) in Nairobi or Kenya Comfort hotel (44US$ single and double 64US$) as they are clean and inexpensive and transfer to the hotel is US$20 per person.

~All the shuttle buses for Tanzania leave from outside these  hotels just 10 metres away.
The journey should take about five hours including Immigration and Customs at the border post town of Namanga.

~The driver will show you where to go to get the necessary stamps for your passport. The shuttle will give out immigration cards for you to fill in as the bus departs. This helps to save time at the border post.

~Travelling from Arusha to Zanzibar the cheap way is by bus to Dar es Salaam and then high speed ferry from Dar to Stone Town. Scandinavia, Royal or Dar Express have luxury coaches [about US$18 to US$25 per person] these three companies offer the best and safest road transport to Dar es Salaam.

~To travel from Arusha to Stone Town in one day means an early departure 6.30 to 7h30 getting to Dar by 14h30.

~There are many cheaper alternatives to travel to Dar es Salaam - US$6 to US$10. The two best companies being Amazon or Fresh Coaches as they travel at a slower speed and have fewer seats squashed inside.

~The fast coaches are not safe and should be avoided at all costs.
~The last ferry to Zanzibar departs about 16h30. There is an overnight ferry but this is from Zanzibar into Dar only - it is slow but cheap.



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