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Mt. Kenya Climbing

Mt Kenya, Africa’s second highest peak is regarded as the realm of Ngai, god of the local Kenya tribe, Kikuyu people. Traditionally, all Kikuyu home were built to face this sacred Kenya peak. They call it Kirinyaga, or place of Kenya light.

This Kenya mountain is an awe-inspiring Kenya sight. Mount Kenya’s peaks are crowned with snow, and its slopes are thick with forest. Its highest peak is best seen at dawn, when the days early light silhouettes its impressive summit high over the surrounding plains.

Mount Kenya summit at 5199 metres, is accessible through technical climbing. The lesser peak of Point Lenana (4985m) can be easily reached by any fit mountain trekker.

Trekking mount Kenya to point Lenana takes between 3 and 7 days, through a fascinating world of mountain forests, wildlife, unique montane vegetation including podocarpus and grounsel, and finally one of the worlds rarest sights, equatorial snow.

Mount Kenya climbing is a lifetime adventure with cool highlands surrounding its base. The forests are ideal for game viewing, and there are crystal clear mountain streams that abound with Trout.

This is Kenya's highest mountain, with its higher slope permanently covered in snow and ice, even though it sits astride the equator.

Mount Kenya National park comprises the mountain above the 320m [10,500ft] contour plus two salients astride the Naro moru and the Sirimon route


Sirimon Route: Mount Kenya Sirimon route is quite scenic, with lots of mountain vegetation and memorable mountain chogoriaexperience. As climbers descend mount Kenya through Naro-moru route, they get a clear picture of the difference between these two routes owing to the fact that they are not similar. This is why many tour and outfitting mountain climbing companies prefer guiding Mount Kenya climbers up to point Lenana via Sirimon and Naromoru routes of Mount Kenya.

Naro-Moru Route: The most famous and the fastest route through which to climb Mount Kenya from naromoruits southern end. This route can be reached from any side of Kenya but Most mount Kenya climbing safaris depart from nairobi. From the famous Teleki valley, Naro-Moru The shortest and cheapest route to reach mount Kenya peaks. It is rated the most populous mount Kenya route because of its ease and less effort needed to manage it. It provides an obvious trail up Mount Kenya and hence its popularity.

Chogoria Route: Descending through Chogoria routes is an advantagious option for the variety of mountain vegetation sirimonband fauna, liked by nature enthusiasts and geographers. Lying on the north-western side of mount Kenya, the Sirimon route escapes quite an of mount Kenya rainfall, and hence stays dry  most time of the year as compared to other routes on Mount Kenya.


Here are our adventurous mount kenya Climbing & hiking packages:

4 days Mt. Kenya Climbing: Naro-Moru- Route

4 days Mt. Kenya Climbing: Sirimon - Route

5 days Mt. Kenya Climbing - Naro Moru Route

5 days Mt. Kenya Climbing: Naro Moru – Chogoria Route

5 Days Mt. Kenya Climbing: Sirimon – Chogoria Route

6 Days Mt. Kenya Climbing - Sirimon – Chogoria Route

7 days Mt. Kenya Climbing - Sirimon – Naro Moru Route

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