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Kenya Budget Safaris

We offer affordable tour packages including Kenya budget safaris, which are designed to fullfill and accommodate backpack travelers who love real camping safaris and close-to-nature out-door experience.

We categorize Kenya budget safaris as basic camping safaris, applicable in destinations like Tsavo East and West, and semi-luxury camping safaris, which involves accommodation in up-graded two-person ensuite tents.

At the end of the safari, all tour services including meals, services of our professional driver-guide, park fees and meals remain the same except the accommodation part. We disintergrate the safari in this manner to give all budget travelers an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature that Kenya is endowed with, as we put their budget into consideration.


The Kenya Budget tour package Samples:

3 Days Masai Mara Budget Safari
-Masai Mara game reserve offers the best opportunity for budget travelers on short holidays who want to see the “Big Five” animals within a short time. It is one of the most affordable Kenya budget safaris involving a thorough evening, whole day and early morning game-viewing with meals and overnight in semi-luxury tents. With the help of our professional tour guides, the 3 days Masai Mara camping safaris is fantastic...read more

3 Days Amboseli Budget Safaris
-Safaris to Amboseli is characterized with fantastic views of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the gigantic elephants, the big five and other plains game. This 3 days Kenya budget safaris depart from Nairobi with game-drives en-route as you enter the wonderful Amboseli park. The accommodation is in up-graded budget en-suite tents with toilets, bathrooms and comfortable tents inside. Adjacent to the park is the famous Masai community...read more

3 Days Samburu Budget Safaris
-Samburu game reserve is a wonderful Kenya tour destination and is home to among the most beautiful animal species in Kenya, which rates it to be among the most amazing world animals hubs. Samburu forms part of the most preferred Kenya budget safaris points, offering the unique reticulated giraffe, Somali ostrich, the long-necked gerenuk gazelle, beisa oryx, among others.  The camping facilities include up-graded budget tents with comfortable beds, toilets and bathrooms...read more

4 Days Masai Mara Budget Safaris
-The 4 days Kenya budget safaris to Masai Mara is an amazing chance for all travelers to enjoy the great wildebeest migration safaris at an affordable price. It is a 3 nights budget holiday in the land of the Masai community, which provides a good opportunity for animal, geographical and cultural attractions, all within the same locality...read more

4 Days Maasai Mara & L.Naivasha Budget Safaris
-The 4 days Kenya budget safaris to Masai Mara and lake Naivasha combines the unique features of a fresh-water rift valley lake Naivasha, its adjacent Hell’s gate national park, the only national park in the world where walking or cycling game-viewing is possible among the wild animals, and the magical Masai Mara. The accommodation in Naivasha town is in budget guest houses and semi-luxury tents in Masai Mara...read more

4 Days Maasai Mara & L.Nakuru Budget Safaris
-Masai Mara and lake Nakuru is among the best holiday combination of kenya budget safaris which provides the highest opportunities for seeing all the big five animals and a wonderful birding tours. During the trip, you will see and compare the different animals species, geographical features and the Masai cultural activities, with meals and overnights in up-graded budget tents and a guest house in Nakuru...read more

5 Days Mara - Nakuru budget safaris
-3 nights in Masai Mara and 1 night in Lake Nakuru give you a good chance to see and compare the numerous wildlife  and animals species available in the two parks. Masai Mara is basically a wonderful animal hub with the highest chance to see the big five and other plains game. Its combination with Lake nakuru is just among the most preferred Kenya budget safaris...read more

5 Days Amboseli - Tsavo drop Mombasa budget safaris
-Our 5 days Kenya budget safaris to Amboseli and Tsavo national park, which ends with a drop off at the Kenya coast in Mombasa. Have a wonderful time of photography as you pass through among the best geographical sceneries, cultural activities and wild game ever seen in Kenya...read more

5 Days Samburu & The Kenya lakes Budget safaris
-Samburu game reserve is home to the most beautiful animals found in Kenya. The availability of the samburu community adjacent to it gives it an added advantage to cultural lovers, who visit their villages to witness the wonderful culture they have. We combine it with the beautiful Kenya rift valley lakes, home to the water birds, hot geysers and also provides a chance for boat ridding...read more

5 Days L.Nakuru - L.Naivasha - Mara Kenya Budget Safaris
-Lakes Nakuru and Naivasha are the most frequently visited Rift valley lakes because of their unique tour attractions. At the rift valley floor and closest to Hell’s gate national park, lake Naivasha blends well with lake Nakuru, bird watcher’s paradise, before you proceed to the great Masai Mara game reserve to wind up your kenya budget safari...read more

6 Days Kenya Budget Safari  to Samburu - L. Nakuru & Masai Mara
-The 6 days safari to Samburu, Lake Naivasha and Masai Mara gives you a chance to visit the beautiful Samburu national park, where the beisa oryx, reticulated giraffe, gerenuk antelope, among other wonderful animals are, the colorful pink lake of Nakuru and the world’s 8th wonder, Masai Mara. It is an excellent budget safari program visiting the top 3 holiday destinations in Kenya...read more

6 Days Masai Mara & Kenya Lakes budget Safaris
-The tour attractions found along the rift valley lakes like lake Baringo, lake Bogoria, lake Nakuru and lake Naivasha, all blend so well and adds a great a great value to the fabulous wild game and cultural immersion in Masai Mara. See the marvelous hot geysers, bird life, the beautiful Hell’s gate and wind up your tour with the famous animal hub, Masai Mara. The accommodation will be in up-graded semi-luxury budget tents in Masai Mara and guest houses in the rest of the destinations...read more

7 Days Mara – Nakuru & Amboseli budget safaris
-Masai Mara, lake Nakuru and Amboseli budget safari program gives the Kenya budget holiday enthusiasts an opportunity to discover the abundance of the animal paradise and cultural richness in kenya. It show cases the famous Masai Mara, known for its annual miraculous wildebeest migration, lake Nakuru, known for its birding safaris and Amboseli, for the beautiful Mt. Kilimanjaro views, big elephants and other plains game,at an affordable budget rate...read more

7 Days Kenya Budget Safari  to Mara, Nakuru & Samburu.
-For an excellent tour with 93% guarantee of seeing all the Big five animals, the 7 days Kenya budget safaris to Masai Mara, lake Nakuru and Samburu is always voted the best. The tour package starts either from Samburu before proceeding to Masai Mara via Nakuru or vice versa. The unique animla species available in all the destinations makes this budget trip to be quite an interesting one...read more

8 Days Amboseli - Masai Mara & Kenya Lakes Budget Safaris
-For the best of Kenya camping safaris at affordable price, we visit in all national parks and reserves where budget adventure and camping facilities are present. Our 8 days Kenya budget safaris to the above 5 parks combines the unique features of the best Kenya parks at budget prices to give all travelers an opportunity to get the best of their holiday...read more

8 Days Samburu - L.Nakuru - Masai Mara & Amboseli Budget Safari
-Participate in the 8 days Kenya budget safaris and take advantage of the excellent safari price, as we prioritize your holiday interest to give you value for your money. We have customized this budget holiday package to include Samburu, Lane Nakuru, Masai Mara and Amboseli, which are the most frequently visited parks...read more

9 Days Big Five and Lakes Kenya Budget Safaris
-Trailing the “Big Five” during the 9 days Kenya budget tours concentrates on the leading parks and reserves in kenya  with the highest chances of seeing the animals of your dream as you enjoy the affordability and professionalism during your budget trip. It also covers the best of rift valley lakes with hot geysers, bird life and unique geographical features...read more

12 Days Samburu - Amboseli & Kenya lakes Budget  Safaris  
-We combine both the northern and southern parks and reserves in Kenya for a wide variety and species of animals, culture and geographical features. In this 12 days Kenya budget safaris program, the animals species available in Samburu and Amboseli is distinctively different and adding Lake Naivasha to this itinerary gives it a big holiday boost...read more

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