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Kenya Adventure Safaris

Panorama Safaris organizes unique Kenya adventure safaris to major East Africa national parks and all the other budget adventure areas which offer adventure camping  and traditional African home-stay facilities.

Our presentation of Kenya adventure tours explains the uniqueness of this expedition. It involves a spill-and-thrill adventure, with a priviledge to visit the secret and out of track destinaions that best explain Africa.

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This includes national parks, game rserves, historical sites and traditional African heritage.

Be assured to get the best and most affordable adventure tours and adventure safaris comfort and professionalism:

 3 Days Masai Mara Adventure Camping Safari
The 3 days camping safari to Masai Mara is one of the best tour Kenya adventure safaris that give the real meaning of budget African holidays.  It involves a game-drive in one of the most famous destinations in Africa, and obviously the best place to view the big five animals and the yearly migration of the wildebeests. The camping facilities is in the middle of the bush, where campfire is lit at night to scare away wild animals. 24 hours security is guaranteed...read more.  
 3 Days Amboseli Adventure Tours
Camping safaris to Amboseli is considered a good adventure holiday which gives clients an opportunity to view numerous wildlife and the beautiful mount Kilimanjaro backdrop on a clear weather. The Masai community adjacent to the camping area is a good source of entertainment which blends very well with game-drives, especially in the evenings or on half day tours in the park...read more.    
3 Days Samburu Adventure Safari
Safaris to Samburu provides one of the best adventure holidays as it passes across the equator line, to the beautiful landscape of plantations, and into the unbelievable Samburu cultural community. The wild animals in Samburu are the most beautiful wild game in Kenya, this includes the beisa oryx, gerenuk antelope, reticulated giraffe and Somali ostrich...read more.
4 Days Masai Mara - L.Nakuru Camping Safari
This is a 3 nights and 4 days adventure safari to the most frequently visited parks in Kenya, with the highest chances of seeing the elusive leopard and other cats family. Lake Nakuru always serves as an alternative destination to view the leopard because of its abundance of acacia trees, where leopards like hiding their food after making a kill to eat at leisure away from other scavengers...read more
4 Days Wildebeest migration adventures
The yearly miraculous migration of wildebeest and other plains game from Serengeti to Masai Mara and back to Serengeti is one of the leading Kenya adventure safaris that nobody should ever miss. The 4 days safari includes one full day around the Mara river, where the actual crossing of the river normally takes place...read more
5 Days Masai Mara -L.Nakuru adventure Safari
The 5 days adventure safaris to Masai Mara and lake Nakuru is an exhaustive way of combining the attractions of the magical Masai mara game reserve and the “pink lake” of Nakuru, where millions of birds of various species flock and breed. The adventure tour gives a good chance to explore and compare the beauties of various animal species available in the two parks...read more
6 Days Samburu – Nakuru - Masai Mara Adventure safari
From Nairobi, cross the equator line to the northern side towards Samburu community, which offers a wonderful cultural attraction and animal species. You will then proceed to one of the rift valley lakes, Nakuru, the birdwatcher’s paradise, and end your trip with Masai Mara adventures, with the highest chances of seeing the big five animals and other plains game...read more
6 Days L.Nakuru - Masai mara - Amboseli Camping Safari
lake nakuru, masai Mara and Amboseli are the top 3 parks in Kenya with obvious safari adventures. Amboseli is home to the gigantic elephants and the best place to view the majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro. Lake Nakuru comes in with birdlife wonders and masai Mara winds up with a wide array of animal species, only possible here...read more
10 Days Family Adventure Safaris
Take your family on this children and pocket friendly adventure safari, as an eye opener to their world of discoveries including game-drives, cultural immersion and geographical diversities across Kenya. With the help of our professional guide, you will be able to enjoy and experience unique holiday adventure of wildlife and photography in a family enabled environment...read more
10 Days Bird Watching Safaris in Kenya
Kenya is home to millions of bird species because of the diversity of rich geographical vegetation both inside and outside its parks.  Apart from the rift valley lakes, bird watching adventure safaris is possible in western Kenya and lake Victoria because of the rich food availability that supports their livelihood...read more
11 Days Unforgetable Kenya Adventure Holiday
This 11 days Kenya adventure safari is the most important colonial tradition concept that survives in Kenya today. kenya cultural safari is about Kenya culture ,traveling deep into cultural maasai land  and tour the Kenya wilderness where man and a beast have lived in perfect harmony since time immemorial...read more

12 Days Kenya Budget Adventure Safaris
This is an extensive  kenya camping adventure holidays, meant to bring out the real feeling and touch of the original adventure safari that was used by back pack travelers, especially in Tsavo East and West where you use basic camping two-person tent, experiencing the original camping tour holidays...read more
14 Days / 13 Nights Volunteer Adventure Tours
This is an adventure to rejuvenate yourself and lend a hand to the community as you discover and apply your talent to help the needy. Take this advantage and participate in a responsible tour, where part of the money you pay for the safari goes directly to help a particular orphanage or the community, normally done before or after the safari. There are wonderful meditation points, and you can as well participate in the most thrilling adventures like tracking the wizards late at night and visiting the local witch doctors to ask them about their spirit world...read more

Kenya Cultural adventure safaris
This Kenya adventure cultural tour visit to pre-historic and mythical sites like Lwanda Magere, Kit-Mikayi,The weeping stones, Ramogi hills and rock paintings in Lake Victoria islands. Adventures of visiting the local Kenya witchdoctors, spiritual sects like the Legion Maria and sleeping in the original traditional African round huts...read more

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